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SkyTrunk - High-capacity dedicated trunking links for ISP’s and Telco’s

This is a High-throughput Tier 1 direct to internet backbone beaming on large antennas. This solution is available on the following platforms: - Newtec / Comtech / Datum / UHP SCPC platforms.

We can use the following satellites: C-Band and Ku-Band - ABS3A, Thaicom TC6 and Amos 17 This service is meant for large ISP's and Telco's where we can provide VERY cheap capacity from geo-stationery satellites beaming on large aperture antennas. We also have Bandwidth on Demand provision in case of fibre failure. Recommended entry equipment: (can vary with regions and service requirements) C & Ku band: 3.8M Antenna (onwards + 10W BUC (onwards) + LNB + Modem as listed above