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SkyMOVE – Complete connectivity solution for on-the-go communications.

The new Kymeta u8 terminal provides a complete connectivity solution for on-the-go communications when and where you need it. Redesigned with our revolutionary software-defined, electronic beam steering technology, the u8 terminal is low profile, mounting easily on vehicles and vessels. Our terminals and flyaway systems deliver connectivity in a single integrated platform. We offer Broadband connectivity packages in either satellite-only or satellite/cellular by-the-gigabyte packages. Our all-inclusive bundle of hardware, connectivity and support is offered at an affordable monthly rate.

Key Features of the Solution

  • Designed for mobile platforms - low profile, aerodynamic design, native dc power input, and new accessories simplify vehicle integration.
  • Always on connectivity - with a multi-wan satellite and cellular configuration, the Kymeta u8 terminal provides communication anywhere.
  • Cloud-enabled solutions - Access to terminal metrics and SD-WAN, edge content, and connectivity management tools available via a cloud-based portal.
  • Portable - with a reusable shipping case, the Kymeta u8 flyaway provides the fastest out-of-the-box communication anywhere—just add power.
  • LEO-Upgradeable - the u8 antenna anticipates the arrival of Ku-Band LEO constellations. Your terminal can be upgraded to a LEO configuration at a later time.
  • Equipment: Ku-Band: U8 Antenna with integrated control unit and power supply + iDirect IQ 200 modem integrated with LNB + 20W low profile BUC + cable + connectors.

Satellite Connectivity in Africa

Satellite connectivity has revolutionized Africa's telecommunication sector in the past decade. It has brought a significant positive impact on the continent's economy, education, health, and social development. Africa is the world's second-largest and second most populous continent, yet it has lagged behind in terms of technological advancements. However, satellite connectivity has bridged this gap by providing reliable and affordable internet access to remote and under-served areas.

Satellite connectivity has enabled African countries to leapfrog into the digital age by providing access to high-speed broadband internet. The availability of internet access has improved communication, increased access to information, and boosted economic growth. Businesses and entrepreneurs can now leverage the internet to connect with potential customers and suppliers globally. Additionally, e-commerce has seen tremendous growth, and more people are engaging in online transactions, which has helped to boost economic growth.

Satellite connectivity has also improved access to education and health care services in Africa. Students can access online learning resources and courses, which were not available before, while health care providers can access online medical information, consult with specialists, and even conduct remote surgeries.

Finally, satellite connectivity has also improved social development in Africa by bringing people together, breaking down social barriers, and providing access to entertainment and leisure activities.

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