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SkyLive – TV, Radio contribution and distribution uplink services across Africa

This is a Broadcasting, Uplink/Downlink, Turn-around, contribution and distribution service for TV Channels. This solution is available on the Ku-Band platform, Uplink with Pan-Africa coverage and C-Band platform, Uplink with Africa & Europe coverage.

InterSAT can distribute content over whole of Africa on single Uplink at a fraction of the cost of other European Teleports. We can deliver end-to-end Satellite Uplink, Downlink and Turnaround services for broadcast clients. We provide cost-effective and guaranteed content delivery mechanism using Zixi platform

TV Broadcast Services, TV Broadcast Services in Africa

Television (TV) broadcast services refer to the dissemination of audio-visual content through electromagnetic signals that can be received and decoded by a TV receiver. This content can be transmitted through either terrestrial or satellite platforms. TV broadcast services play a crucial role in providing entertainment, information, education, and creating social awareness among viewers. In Africa, TV broadcast services have evolved significantly over the years, with more people having access to digital terrestrial TV (DTT) and direct-to-home (DTH) satellite TV services.

In Africa, TV broadcast services have become a significant driver of economic growth and investment. With the rise in the number of TV channels, both local and international, the demand for TV broadcast services has grown, creating new opportunities for investors and technological advancements. The increasing demand for niche programming, such as sports, documentaries, and movies, has led to the emergence of specialized TV channels.

In Africa, the transition from analog to digital broadcasting has been a significant development in the TV industry. DTT platforms offer high-quality signals, more channels, and interactive content, thereby providing viewers with a more comprehensive range of programming options. DTH satellite TV services have also revolutionized TV broadcast services, providing access to a broader range of channels across the African continent.

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