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Sky-Fi - High throughput Ku band on our Hughes Jupiter 2 platform

This is a Ku band High-Throughput CONSUMER BROADBAND Services Unlimited & CAPPED service similar to the current Ka band services on Avanti/Yahsat/KONNECT Africa etc) This solution is currently available on Hughes Jupiter 2 Platform, Ku- band via AzerSpace 2 Satellite, East and West Africa Beams. This service is meant for SOHO, and Home users who want to enjoy Video streaming capabilities. Recommended entry equipment: (can vary with regions and service requirements): HT2000 series Hughes modem, Ku-band 74cm, 98cm or 1.2m Antenna + 3W BUC + LNB + cable + connectors

Advantage of Ku over Ka band:

The high frequency of Ka band solutions is susceptible to interference from adverse weather, therefore maintaining 100% stability & availability is a very complex task in constantly changing weather conditions. A Ku-band beam has the capability to cover an entire continent on a single beam, whereas the Ka-band has a much smaller range and has to rely on several multiple “spot” beams to provide wide coverage – There have been many instances that gaps within the “spots” are not adequately covered and so throughput cannot be attained resulting in customer frustration. It is therefore very important that the band chosen should depend on the circumstances surrounding its use. InterSAT’s Sky-Fi solution which gives similar throughput on the reliable Ku band solves this problem.