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A leading VSAT service Provider in Africa

 The Customer Support Escalation Matrix is followed in the order below.

1) Level One Support

Direct: +254 730 100 100 or +254-730-100 000 opt 1
Cell:   +254 720 621 621
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Skype:  intersatsupport

Support Helpdesk local Contact for South Sudan

Tel:     +211 954 270 270
Tel:     +211 925 270 270

Support Centre: http://support.intersatafrica.com/

They will open a follow up Ticket and carry out preliminary checks. Resolution time frames are relayed back to the customer after diagnosis of the problem. Escalation to Level 2 Support is done when time frame exceeds 30 minutes / when further consultation is required immediately.

2) Level Two Support

Cell:  +254 730 100 107

Skype: intersatsupport

They will be in touch and update on fault resolution time. If resolution updates are NOT relayed in 1 Hour from time of initial contact with support, escalation is done to the Service Delivery Manager